What is the Rainbow Team?

Rainbow Team small graphicWhat is the Rainbow Team?

Put simply, the Rainbow Team is a group of advanced ThetaHealing® and Being in Colour® practitioners who work co-operatively rather than competitively.

Most of these practitioners have been trained by my wife Pip Oxlade and we all work together to support each other. If someone has a client in need that they are unable to assist for some reason, they know they can call on another of the Rainbow Team to help.

Different clients connect with different practitioners for a number of reasons and if you feel more of a connection with one of these practitioners, please feel free to connect with them - just tell them where you saw their details.


Pip Oxlade John Oxlade

Pip Oxlade

ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science instructor

Hamilton, New Zealand

Myself, John Oxlade

Hamilton, New Zealand


Martha Paewhenua

Annie Knight Rangimarie Mahuika

Martha Paewhenua

Hamilton, New Zealand

Annie Knight

Hamilton, New Zealand

Rangimarie Mahuika

Hamilton, New Zealand

Skylie Cash Gina Bennenbroek Susanna Woodhouse

Skylie Cash

Revelstoke, Canada

Gina Bennenbroek

Cambridge, New Zealand

Susanna Woodhouse

Perth, Western Australia


Andrea Fesler  

Andrea Fesler

Colorado Springs, USA



All of these practitioners have attained a minimum of ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy or Reiki Mastership