What are visualisations?

When I go up and connect to "The Creator of all that is", I am often shown things through visualisations. I rarely, if ever "hear" anything; I am clairvoyant (sensing) and clairsentient (sensing) not clairaudient (hearing). You could say that I was making it up, but I assure you I am not that creative, and there is definitely more going on than meets the eye.

merry go roundI feel that when I am "shown" something it is in a form that I can explain to others. Often during readings I see things that mean little if anything to me, but that resonate with others.

Some examples of things I have been shown:

  • A merry-go-round; nothing around it, no people, just a merry-go-round. It turned out the client had been held back as a kid and didn't get to go and play. We interpreted this as being the "permission" to go and enjoy childlike fun.
  • I often see warm, snuggly blankets being placed round people's shoulders when I ask that unconditional love be sent to them. This was felt to mean the nurturing love of the Creator.