A client testimonial from "PW" in Hamilton, NZ

Initially I couldn't rely on what I had absorbed when I was in your session, firstly it was my first time and second it was a new method experience for me. After a couple of days to reflect what came naturally as a implementation from the session (my oxygen I needed to use less of) was very enlightening, I am still adjusting and prob thinking about the words you/Pip had said, procrastination, resentfulness. The reflection of those words is a great source of internal research, which I have found enlightening observation from my past. Both words have some substance but not entirely as negatives in my life.

Thank you again.

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Basic DNA


8th to 10th Jan 2018

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Advanced DNA

3rd to 5th Dec 2017

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Dig Deeper


6th & 7th Nov 2017

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Manifesting and Abundance

22nd & 23rd Jan 2018

Intuitive Anatomy



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Disease and Disorder


16th to 27th Apr 2018





26th to 30th Nov 2017

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Soul Mates


24th & 25th Jan 2018

Rhythm to Finding Your Perfect Weight



26th Jan 2018


World Relations


8th to 12th Nov 2017

15th to 19th Jan 2018

26th to 30th Mar 2018 BRISBANE - Provisional



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